During the year 1974 a reference was made by Himachal Pradesh Govt. to Northern Zonal Council for release of a small quantity of water from BSL Canal for purpose of irrigation in Mandi district. After prolonged correspondence with BSL and BBMB authorities as well the Govt. of India, an agreement has been signed in between Govt. of H.P and BBMB on 27/2/1986 to release 20 cusecs of water to irrigate 2410 ha. The project report was approved for Rs. 302.71 lakh.

The Balh Valley Project commenced during the year 1982-83 and was completed in 2000-2001 at a total cost of Rs.1202 lakh.


Giri Irrigation Project was the first prestigious project of its kind taken in hand by Irrigation and Public Health Department of Himachal Pradesh. This project was conceived during the year 1977-78 to cover 5263 ha. initially with a estimated cost of Rs.4.16 crore. The project was completed during 1981-82 at a cost of Rs.8.23 crore and an area of 5263 ha. was brought under irrigation.


The Project was administratively approved for Rs.75 lakh and approval for improvement was accorded for Rs.93.43 lakh. The project has been completed at a cost of Rs.121 lakh. The CCA covered is 923 ha.


Medium Irrigation Project Bhabour Sahib Phase-II was cleared by the Planning Commission during 1988-89 and further A/A & E/S for Rs.426 lakh was accorded to irrigate 2640 ha. CCA. The source for supply of water is Nangal Dam.
This project envisages provision of irrigation facilities to 2640 ha. of agriculture land in 19 villages. The construction work was taken up during the year 1988 and completed during 1997-98 with a cost of Rs. 11.42 crore.



Sidhata medium irrigation project area is situated in Jawali Tehsil in Kangra district. The project has been approved in the technical advisory committee meeting held on 9/9/1997 amounting to Rs.33.62 crore with CCA of 3150 ha. The A/A & E/S of this project has been accorded for Rs.33.62 crore. The investment clearance has been accorded by the Secretary, Planning Commission (I&CAD), Govt. of India and forest clearance for diversion of 4.77 hect. of forest land coming in the alignment of main canal has been accorded by Conservator of Forest (Central), Ministry of Environment and Forests, Govt. of India after making persistent efforts by HP Government.


Total CCA of the Project is 3150 ha. the total length of the main canal is 13.845 Kms. which comprises of 1.772 Kms. tunnel portion. The discharge carrying capacity of the main canal is 92.16 cusec (2.61 cumec). The main canal will take off from right bank of Dehar Khad near village Anuhi. All the canals are proposed to be lined. A head weir will be constructed across the Dehar Khad near village Anuhi to divert water of Khad and nine major cross drainage structures at different locations will also be constructed.

In this Project, there is 715 ha. CCA where Flow Irrigation is not possible. To irrigate this area 6 lift irrigation schemes have been proposed. Out of 6. LIS one has been constructed on left bank of Dehar Khad near head works and in the other 5 LIS water will be lifted directly from the main canal.


Construction of Canal (in Kms.)

Approved Scope

completed work

(up 8/2010)

Balance Work
Main Canal 13.845 11.315 02.530
Total CCA covered (Upto 08/2010) 485 hect.    


The Government of Punjab has constructed Anandpur Hydel Channel Project in Punjab for which some land of Himachal Pradesh was to be acquired in village Dabat Majari of Bilaspur District H.P. An agreement between the Government of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh was concluded in August, 1993, according to which the Himachal Pradesh Government has agreed to acquired the required land for the Anandpur Hydel Channel Project and in lieu thereof the Government of Punjab had agreed to provide some facilities for the benefit of the inhabitants of the affected areas of Himachal Pradesh. One of the items agreed by the Government Punjab is to release 25 cusecs of water from Anandpur Hydel Channel for Himachal Pradesh regularly for irrigation and drinking purposes.


The A/A & E/S for the work accorded by Secretary (IPH)Govt. of Himachal Pradesh for Rs. 28.37 crore. The project proposes to irrigate 2350 ha. of land of 25 villages in Changer Area. The maximum water requirement for the scheme is 38.86 cusecs. The water will be drawn from Anandpur Hydel Channel near Dabat-Wali aqueduct through syphon at RD 14160. An agreement to release 25 cusecs of water with the Govt. of Punjab was signed in the year August 1983 which was implemented in the year 1998.

The project envisages drawal of water from Anandpur Hydel Channel through syphon and will be collected in intake chamber constructed by P.S.E.B. The water will be conveyed by 700 mm dia 480 meter gravity line and will be delivered in sump well of 10 lacs litres capacity. The same will be lifted by installation of pumps through six rising mains of M.S pipes. The 1st rising main will serve an area of 176 ha., second 295 ha., third 846 ha., fourth 320 ha., fifth 325 ha. & sixth 388 ha. The rising mains will discharge water to delivery tank at the highest point of the respective command areas from where it will be delivered through gravity main and sub mains to the field.

The work on the project was taken in hand in the year 1999. Firstly an amount of Rs. 17.95 lakh was deposited with PSEB authorities for construction of intake structure and syphon from Anandpur Hydel Channel which has been completed. The work of laying of gravity main from intake to sump well having 700 mm dia MSERW pipe in a length of 480 metre also stands completed. Now the work of construction of pump house has been taken in hand for which working estimate has been approved for Rs. 54.07 lakh. Govt. of India agreed to include this project to get central loan assistance (CLA) under AIBP by Ministry of Water Resources, Govt. of India and Rs. 3.37 crore Central Loan Assistance has been received.


    CCA Covered upto 08/2010
ZONE 1 A Completed 346 Hect.
ZONE-1 B, 1C & 1 D in progress 2350Hect

BALH VALLEY (Left Bank) Distt. Mandi

The Project, Balh Valley (Lift Bank) is situated in Mandi District of H.P. The Project envisages to provide irrigation facilities to 60 villages in Balh Velley mainly on Left Bank of the Suketi Khad which flow in the middle of the valley and is a tributory of river Beas joining it near Mandi.

CCA: The Project covers a CCA of 2175 hect. by surface water and 605 hect. by ground water


A/A & E/S No. & Date Principal Secy No. PBW(PH)F(2)-3/98 dt. 2.12.2004
Amount of A/A & E/S Rs. 41.64 cr.
Revised Cost Rs.77.30 cr
Source BBMB Hydel Channel

PHYSICAL PROGRESS: 17 No. Tube-well drilled upto 3/2009.